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Featured Item #96 Orissa Kyanite & White Zircon10k Gold Ring, Size 6

Item #96 Jacque Christie Collection,  Orissa Kyanite (1 Oval 1.53 Ct., 8.0 x 6.0 mm ) &  White Zircon (8 Round .78 Ct. 2.5 x 2.5mm)  2.31 Cts.  10K, 1.97 g YG, Size 6   $294.99

http://stores.ebay.com/JJewelsBoutique.com (Item ID: 222466514523)


Today’s Featured Item #710 Serenite & Diamond 10K Gold Ring

Item #710 Serenite & Diamond 10K Gold Ring, Size 7, ATGW 3.12 Cts.,  $423.99

Serenite – the brand name given to this exceptionally high quality Oregon Sunstone mined in the USA. Sunstone is the state gemstone of Oregon. Serenite is beautifully clear and appears to exude a magic glow from within – an inner shine that stands it above other gemstones in pure unrivalled beauty.

Serenite is a transparent to translucent aventurescent Plagioclase Feldspar. The gem naturally contains light reflecting copper platelets, which provide both the gem’s colour and its remarkable aventurescence (also known as schiller). The gem is pleochroic and just like copper bearing Paraiba Tourmaline, the gem has a slight neon appearance.

Serenite is so special because it contains copper inclusions (platelets) within the gem, which make it glow like a Paraiba Tourmaline, which also attributes its beauty to copper platelets. With so much sparkle being derived by the copper content, colourless pieces are very difficult on a visual inspection to tell apart from diamonds.