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Citrine is One of November’s Birthstones

Citrine is a gift from the sun. At least, it was thought to be so due to its warm color.  The name, Citrine is derived "citron," the French word for lemon.  Citrine is the yellow variety of macrocrystalline quartz.   So, naturally, it  is often found alongside quartz.    Citrine gets its color from a small amount of iron (40 parts per million) present at its formation.  Citrine ranges in color from pastel lemon yellow to mandarin orange, and Madeira  red (from the wine).  It is easily confused with Topaz.    

Citrine became popular in Greek jewelry created during the Hellenistic period.   The Romans began using Citrine in Jewelry in the first centuries after Christ.

Citrine has been thought to aid digestion, remove toxins from the body, provide protection against the plague and bad skin, and in the treatment of depression an d constipation and diabetes.  It was also used as a charm against snake bite and venomous reptiles.

Among crystal healers, Citrine is thought to be useful in stimulating mental capacities, enhancing creativity, and intuition, and for improving self-confidence.  Citrine supports emotional control while making one more alert.  It is also believed to be helpful in the acquisition of wealth.

Today, most Citrine is imported from Uruguay, Brazil, and many African nations.