Monthly Archives: March 2015

Note #1 from Jill: The Journey Begins!

My love of jewelry has taken my life’s journey in a new direction, the creation of J. Jewels Boutique. Prior to starting this business, while I was running a very successful Kitchen and Bath Design company, I was collecting interesting jewelry that I planned to share. As stated on Our Philosophy page, “J. Jewels philosophy is that gems should  be associated with memories of special people, places, and events.  This website and business venture will chronical my trek into the world of precious gem stones and metals.   I spent time as a volunteer at a local jewelry store where I developed lasting relationships with Graduate Gemologists. They have assisted me in the selection of the jewelry I now offer to the public. In fact these folks are now key advisors to the J. Jewels Boutique Brand.

The next phase of my journey is to become a GIA Graduate Gemologist. The first course is “Colored Stone Essentials.” After three classes I will receive the Graduate Colored Gemstones Diploma. I hope you will follow me as I learn more about colored gem stones.   Next, I will move on to diamonds, then pearls. After completing four hands-on labs in New York or California I will become a Graduate Gemologist. I will be blogging every step of the way through this process.

Also, I plan to address the challenges I have faced getting some of my estate jewelry into the marketplace as well as advice to amateur collectors looking to buy gems and diamonds.   I will blog about interesting facts of the more popular gems and their history. I look forward to having a dialog with you as I take you on a behind the scenes look into the jewelry business. My goal is to become your trusted go-to person to help guide you through your important jewelry acquisitions.   Come along for the ride! I know you will have a lot of fun!